Issue 02 

Back of a napkin — Max Parnell

Edition of twelve

Stainless Steel Napkin Holder 5 x 3.75" (12.75 x 9.5cm)
40 silk screened napkis plus 2 (cover) foil in letter press.


The second issue is a simple metal napkin holder.

The reference that shapes this second issue is the habit of people using these napkins in cafés and restaurants to quickly sketch and explain their ideas.

Inside the napkin holder are forty napkins, twenty (orange) titles and another twenty (black) the haikus. The written content is based on an invention or technological progression from 2018-2019 written by Max Parnell. With the napkin being a disposable material of low-quality paper, typically used and disposed of casually, it comes as a rupture to find complex ideas carefully woven into them. 

There is no right or wrong way to interact with this issue.