Duck, cover, hold on — Manifesto

Editions of two
Material: Plywood top with engraving terramooto logo (top) and quote “WE WILL NOT PUBLISH BOOK.”(underneath), timberwood legs and mirror;
H50 X W70 X D48 cm

The first issue is a modest wooden table. The reference that shapes this first issue is one popular safety measure that people must take in case of an earthquake.

The top of the table features an engraving of the logo which represents the rupture of Terramoto publisher. Underneath (safe place) you can read the engraving  “We will not publish books.". This phrase illustrates the publisher’s manifesto, and is only readable to the viewer when they interact with the piece.

In order to read the quote, the viewer must get close to the piece. As they approach closer, the reflection of the mirror will reveal the writing, with the mirror works as a mediator between the viewer and the writing.  Through only becoming visible when viewers come close to the piece, it evokes the feeling and notion of been underneath it.

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